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1976 Sesame Street Bert & Ernie “Happy Halloween” Postcard

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United States, 1976: The Continental

An 8-unit apartment building with a flat roof.

Welcome Home: Wausau Homes by Wausau Homes Incorporated, 1976 (Wausau, WI, USA) —from my library

1976 7Up Uncola Bottle Packaging
From Goldsholl Design Associates

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Rock Lady T-Shirts

From the February, 1976 issue of CREEM Magazine


Outtakes from the debut album (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) cover shoot


Mort Garson, Mother Earth’s Plantasia (Homewood Records, 1976).

Chris Squire, Steve Howe, and Jon Anderson of Yes

From a 1976 Japanese music magazine

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On a morning from a Bogart movie,
In a country where they turn back time.
You go strolling through the crowd,
Like Peter Lorre contemplating a crime.
She comes out of the sun in a silk dress,
Running like a watercolor in the rain.
Don’t bother asking for explanations,
She’ll just tell you that she came,
In the year of the cat.

Year of the Cat – Al Stewart