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50′s, 60′s and 70′s Yellow Electronics Part 3


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So Excited

[THE POINTER SISTERS (Anita, Ruth, June, and Bonnie Pointer): Oakland, CA, singing group]

70′s Perspex High Heel Shoes

from Decades of Fashion, Harriet Worsley, 2000



Avon if you bring these back I will buy a LOT. 1970 “Ring Fling” lipstick with groovy box and groovy ring!


My vintage Barbie / Skipper / Skooter / Francie cases  60′s / 70′s / 80′s

1979/1981 Legoland Town Commercials

(via YouTube)


Biba looks – 1973

Neil Peart

From the November 25, 1976 issue of CIRCUS Magazine


Neil Peart, Rush, 1976, by Fin Costello

70′s Courier Classic II CB Radio Promotional Advertisement

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