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Exciting Flower News!

   Ad Detail, 1959

vintage Phipps Conservatory “Japanese Garden” Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania postcard

Back of Card:
“This garden features many kinds of chrysanthemums originally imported from Japan.”




A cat among the flowers, 1970

Oxeye Daisies

from Wildflowers in Color: Eastern Edition, Arthur Stupka, 1965.


National Geographic Magazine “Wildflowers of the West”   May 1927

70′s Jan Pienkowski GALLERY FIVE Sticky Seals stickers


vintage Phipps Conservatory “Victoria Regia Room” Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania postcard

Back of Card:
“This room features a large electric fountain which produces changes of water and lighting effects. The flowers in this garden are primroses.”

Damask and European Wild Rose

From The Lore & Legends of Flowers, Robert L. Crowell, 1982.
Illustrator: Anne Ophelia Dowden