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60′s General Electric “Youth Electronics” Stripe Clock Radio

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Modcloth “Mod Than Meets The Eye” Boots by Banned


Groovy 60′s Barbie/Francie fashions

From the April, 2001 issue of Barbie Bazaar Magazine


“Neutrogena, the Sunshine Soap for the girl most likely to be Nature’s Niftiest.”  – advertisement, October 1968.

Home Design 1971

From the January, 1971 issue of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine




Catch a Clog at Sears, 1970.


The Goggles were a bubblegum-pop band created for the NBC Children’s Theater television show, airing on Saturday, January 30th, 1971. According to the Paley Center For Media:

“This [episode]
creates a montage effect with film, photographs, and
painted set to make children visually aware.  The
Goggles, a rock music quartet, play rock music, watch a
sunrise, and learn about prisms and rainbows.  They also
illustrate colors and their emotional connotations,
discuss color blindness and color illusions, and talk
about the sun and about pollution.  Also examined are
light shows, color in plants and animals, and nightfall
and stars.”

The Goggles consisted of Rod McBrien, David Spinozza, Mark Lockhart, and Jessica Harper (also an actress, seen in films including Suspiria and Phantom of the Paradise). This episode (unlike most of the NBC Children’s Theater) is not lost, but is unavailable to view online. The footage is currently owned by the Paley Center in New York.

One LP was produced by Audio Fidelity also in 1971, and features a cover of the Beverly Bremers’ song “Don’t Say You Don’t Remember”, subsequently released as a single. Listen to the song “We All Live on a Rainbow” here. The album/single/songbook occasionally appear on eBay.

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Boots, 1973


The 44th Street Portable Flower Factory

Scholastic Records, 1970.

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