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Count Chocula Goes to Hollywood

In 1979, the Monsters hit the big time with the release of three records. This one, “Count Chocula Goes to Hollywood,” sounds like a party to us!

1974 Good Humor Ice Cream “Monster Pops” Sticker

from: Ad Boy: Vintage Advertising with Character, 2009.

70′s/80′s Local Television Halloween Station IDs/Bumpers

(via: YouTube)

1. WJZ-TV, Baltimore, Maryland, 1980
2. WNEW-TV, New York, New York, 80′s
3. WUTV-TV, Buffalo, New York, 1984
4. KHJ-TV, Los Angeles, California, 1981
5. WGN-TV, Chicago, Illinois, 1979
6. WXIA-TV, Atlanta, Georgia, 1980


Vintage Novelty Transistor Radios Part 2

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50′s Paulette Guinet Black Swan sunglasses

(via: The Kitsch Meow)

1978 Wonder Woman Jigsaw Puzzle

From Collector’s guide to TV memorabilia: 1960s & 1970s, Greg Davis, 1996.



1967 Jolly Green Giant Advertisement, via jackie and spooky Nelson on Pinterest.

Vintage Novelty Telephones



The Official Star Trek Duty Jacket, 1980