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1980 The Buggles Living In The Plastic Age Dutch 45rpm single

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The Buggles, 1979

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The Buggles

From the February, 1980 issue of Super Pop Magazine

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50 music videos: The Buggles – “Video Killed the Radio Star” (The Age of Plastic, 1979)

The Buggles

From the March 15, 1980 issue of Look-In Magazine

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The Buggles | 1979

Scanned from Rocky Magazine

The Buggles

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The Buggles Article + Interview

From the June, 2017 issue of MOJO Magazine.

The Buggles

From the May 10th, 1980 issue of Oh Boy! Magazine

The Buggles

From the April 5, 1980 issue of Fab 208 Magazine