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Music from Mathematics  played by IBM 7090 Transducer


COMPUTER magazine covers. 1970s.

Oh, that time when computers, Star Wars and nerds all belonged in the same corner. I remember that, you know. If you owned a computer then, you were a nerd. If you liked Star Wars, you were a nerd. A nerd with glasses and a digital watch. My brother was known as “Mr. Star Wars” to his classmates, and it was meant to be a derogatory nickname. (I bet they’re taking their kids to those Disney Star Wars films now.)



Vintage computers restored and presented in a modern setting. Photos by John Ball (docubyte).



Memory Trends on the 70s


In 1982 a CRAY mainframe computer had 8MB of memory at a cost of
$7,000,000. For TRON, each rendering required 18MB of memory, so even on
a CRAY the animators could not have viewed a single frame. For
whatever computer they used, they had to render one scan line at a time and could not see the results of their efforts until the scan lines
were combined on to film.


International Computers Limited – ICL 7500 – 1968-1972


SAGE Computer Technology

SAGE Computer Technology was a computer company based in Reno, Nevada, United States. It was founded in 1981 by Rod Coleman, Bill Bonham and Bob Needham; it went through several name changes. The change from Sage computer came about when “Sage Software” in Maryland demanded the cease of using the name Sage in the computer segment.