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50′s, 60′s and 70′s Yellow Electronics Part 3


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70′s Courier Classic II CB Radio Promotional Advertisement

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“The Princess”, Rock-Ola Jukeboxes. 1962.



Zenith Stereo, 1967

1972 Westclox Smile Pocket Watches

From the Westclox 1972 – 1973 Catalog

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1972 Voice of Music Model 346-1 “Orange Peel” Turntable with Stereo Speakers

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Listen to the turntable here!


COMPUTER magazine covers. 1970s.

Oh, that time when computers, Star Wars and nerds all belonged in the same corner. I remember that, you know. If you owned a computer then, you were a nerd. If you liked Star Wars, you were a nerd. A nerd with glasses and a digital watch. My brother was known as “Mr. Star Wars” to his classmates, and it was meant to be a derogatory nickname. (I bet they’re taking their kids to those Disney Star Wars films now.)