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70′s/80′s Local Television New Year’s Station IDs/Bumpers

1. KABC-TV, Los Angeles, California, 1972
2. KABC-TV, Los Angeles, California, 1975
3. WGN-TV, Chicago, Illinois, 1981
4. WABC-TV, New York City, New York, 1982
5. WABC-TV, New York City, New York, 1983
6. WMAR-TV, Baltimore, Maryland, 1984
7. WGHP-TV, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, 1985
8. KYW-TV, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 1986
9. WGN-TV, Chicago, Illinois, 1988
10. KABC-TV, Los Angeles, California, 1989

70′s/80′s Local Television Hanukkah Station IDs/Bumpers

1. KTLA-TV, Los Angeles, California, unknown year
2. KVBC-TV, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1982
3. WNBC-TV, New York City, New York, 80′s
4. WTAE-TV, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1983
5. WMAQ-TV, Chicago, Illinois, 1977
6. WJZ-TV, Baltimore, Maryland, 1982
7. WJBK-TV, Detroit, Michigan, 1985
8. KTVU-TV, Oakland/San Francisco, California, 1987


Test cards (or test patterns) of old. Ah, I remember the 7th one best. Of course, on our 1970s television it didn’t look as sharp—more like image 8. Young people: imagine having to wait for a cartoon or movie to start on TV, and seeing this test card. The image was like a promise: like some kind of foreplay. As you were waiting, you studied the colors, the shapes, the patterns, you started seeing things the way you see figures in clouds—and just then the show started.

Test Card F (image 5) is probably the most famous one.


1960′s Barbie Booklet “Icebreaker” Outfit Illustration


The Simpsons on the covers of TV Guide (1998) art by Matt Groening


70′s/80′s Local Television Christmas/Happy Holidays/Season’s Greetings Station IDs/Bumpers

1. WGN-TV, Chicago, Illinois, 1979
2. KTLA-TV, Los Angeles, California, unknown year
3. WCBS-TV, New York City, New York, 1988
4. WGBH-TV, Boston, Massachusetts, 1987
5. KXTV-TV, Sacramento/Stockton, California, 1989
6. KTSM-TV, El Paso, Texas, 1987
7. WJBK-TV, Detroit, Michigan, 1989
8. KERO-TV, Bakersfield, California, unknown year
9. WNBC-TV, New York City, New York, 1983
10. WLS-TV, Chicago, Illinois, 1981
11. WTTW-TV, Chicago, Illinois, 1977
12. WTVF-TV, Nashville, Tennessee, 70′s
13. WGN-TV, Chicago, Illinois, 1979
14. KCPQ, Tacoma, Washington, 1982
15. KING-TV, Seattle, Washington, 1982

1971 7-Up Uncola Holiday Promotional Planner illustration detail

1972 Westclox Smile Pocket Watches

From the Westclox 1972 – 1973 Catalog

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70′s/80′s Local Television Thanksgiving Station IDs/Bumpers

1. WOR-TV, Seacaucus, New Jersey, 1981
2. WGN-TV, Chicago, Illinois, 1978
3. WGN-TV, Chicago, Illinois, 1979
4. KYW-TV, Philadelphia,Pennsylvania, 1983