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70′s Courier Classic II CB Radio Promotional Advertisement

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“The Princess”, Rock-Ola Jukeboxes. 1962.


Bell System telephones ad from Better Homes and Gardens, December 1965.
From 20th Century Advertising on Facebook.

For as much money as this monopoly made, their ads certainly were cheap.



Zenith Stereo, 1967

1972 Westclox Smile Pocket Watches

From the Westclox 1972 – 1973 Catalog

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1972 Voice of Music Model 346-1 “Orange Peel” Turntable with Stereo Speakers

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Listen to the turntable here!


COMPUTER magazine covers. 1970s.

Oh, that time when computers, Star Wars and nerds all belonged in the same corner. I remember that, you know. If you owned a computer then, you were a nerd. If you liked Star Wars, you were a nerd. A nerd with glasses and a digital watch. My brother was known as “Mr. Star Wars” to his classmates, and it was meant to be a derogatory nickname. (I bet they’re taking their kids to those Disney Star Wars films now.)